Entry 5. Dear White Men

Ya gals back.

Sorry to all of my readers as I haven’t written anything in absolute yonks; I have been crazy busy with assignments and exams and all of that malarkey. However, I finally have a little bit of spare time before deadlines hit again so here we go…

zczJust a little disclaimer, I am fully aware that what I am saying does
not relate to ‘all white

men’ and we have some fantastic anomalies. However, unlike some lunatic Muslim bashers who think all Muslims are a part of ISIS and we should all be crucified even though they have never personally met with a Muslim in their life? This is relevant to the majority of white men I have come across in my lifetime and living in a predominately white area, that is A LOT.

One thing I have learned from my experiences is for some odd reason which I cannot seem to get my head around, being called out for racism or sexism results in a fathom of fury as if somehow being called a racist or a sexist is worse than having to actually experience racism or sexism or even both.   Continue reading

Entry 2. Unite our voices


There are constant talks about how far we as a society have come from the days of slavery and open humiliation of black people, how much we have improved. It is remarkable. Admittedly racism has been reduced greatly and we should be thankful to the likes of Martin Luther King however to me, the quality of improvement is simply insufficient. If lives are still being taken and families are still, to this day, being ripped apart and all because of skin colour, I do not see this as improvement.
One life taken away from us, is one life too many.
A simple uniform and pale skin, is quite literally letting these countless deluded fools get away with murder. They have taken an oath of protection. Where is this protection?

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