Entry 3. I am a Muslim

My ignorance has lead me to neglect learning about one of the most significant, terrorising events of this Century and admittedly I lack knowledge about this horrendous incident. The 9/11 attacks. I do not really remember what happened or the immediate aftermath. What I do know is that this and the following events that are so complex and can only be described as inhumane, re- shaped the lives millions of individuals and still does to this day.

tumblr_nfl4i2Kxay1sh06xno1_500.jpgWhenever talks of 9/11 arise, although my memory of the event is extremely short, I always remember one small and personal occurrence thereafter.

My trypophobia was at such an irrationally high level at the age of five, that I could not even bear to touch buttons and so my mother would have to do up the buttons to my school shirt every morning. I am unsure if it was the day after but I do know, it was the first time I was going back into school after the 9/11 attacks. As usual, my mother was doing up the buttons to my shirt and she stopped and looked up to me. The woman who normally wore her religion with such pride, elegance and ever so courageously told me on this particular morning, to refuse to acknowledge I was a Muslim in public. She told me that if anyone at school was to ask if I am a Muslim, from then on I should say no. From then on, I should hide my religion. The fear for her children exceeded the fear of Allah that day. Continue reading

Entry 2. Unite our voices


There are constant talks about how far we as a society have come from the days of slavery and open humiliation of black people, how much we have improved. It is remarkable. Admittedly racism has been reduced greatly and we should be thankful to the likes of Martin Luther King however to me, the quality of improvement is simply insufficient. If lives are still being taken and families are still, to this day, being ripped apart and all because of skin colour, I do not see this as improvement.
One life taken away from us, is one life too many.
A simple uniform and pale skin, is quite literally letting these countless deluded fools get away with murder. They have taken an oath of protection. Where is this protection?

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