Entry 5. Dear White Men

Ya gals back.

Sorry to all of my readers as I haven’t written anything in absolute yonks; I have been crazy busy with assignments and exams and all of that malarkey. However, I finally have a little bit of spare time before deadlines hit again so here we go…

zczJust a little disclaimer, I am fully aware that what I am saying does
not relate to ‘all white

men’ and we have some fantastic anomalies. However, unlike some lunatic Muslim bashers who think all Muslims are a part of ISIS and we should all be crucified even though they have never personally met with a Muslim in their life? This is relevant to the majority of white men I have come across in my lifetime and living in a predominately white area, that is A LOT.

One thing I have learned from my experiences is for some odd reason which I cannot seem to get my head around, being called out for racism or sexism results in a fathom of fury as if somehow being called a racist or a sexist is worse than having to actually experience racism or sexism or even both.   Continue reading