Entry 2. Unite our voices


There are constant talks about how far we as a society have come from the days of slavery and open humiliation of black people, how much we have improved. It is remarkable. Admittedly racism has been reduced greatly and we should be thankful to the likes of Martin Luther King however to me, the quality of improvement is simply insufficient. If lives are still being taken and families are still, to this day, being ripped apart and all because of skin colour, I do not see this as improvement.
One life taken away from us, is one life too many.
A simple uniform and pale skin, is quite literally letting these countless deluded fools get away with murder. They have taken an oath of protection. Where is this protection?

The reason for the death of Philando Castile is that we refuse to recognise that this protection is only for selective members of our society.I have been a part of a fair few conversations where people, more often than not, white people, have tried to tell me that racism is not an issue today and when people of colour talk about racism, blaming white people, it is them who are fuelling the little racism that does exist. We should not talk about racism because it makes white people feel uncomfortable. A couple of times I have been told that the only way to end racism is to stop talking about racism. That we need to move away from the days of slavery, of oppression. How can we move away when you do not let us? How can we move away when you still refuse to let go of your white privilege?Now I admit, a lot of Caucasions who I know are aware of racism still being an issue today however for those who ask us not to talk about it due to themselves left feeling slightly uncomfortable, I would like to ask them to try and tell the mother of Tamir Rice or Micheal Brown that racism is not an issue today. To tell these ladies, they shouldn’t talk about the deaths of their sons because it might cause some white people to feel uncomfortable. To tell the innocent children and beautiful wife of Alton Sterling that his murder should just be forgotten because of the comfortability level of a white person.People say that racism is a horror of the past and to let it go- it was the acts of white ancestors not white people of today and this, to me is correct. I am in full agreement that blaming all white people today for the actions of those from over a century ago is preposterous however when the actions of these white ancestors are still effecting the black children of today, something needs to be done, we cannot just let it go. These people are owed. They are still being financially, educationally and socially deprived in large numbers all over the world due the actions of white ancestors. They are dying because of the prejudice of white ancestors. They are dying because their lives do not mean as much as the White. They are dying because they are black.Of course this isn’t the fault of all white people today and anyone to blame them is silly but if they are prepared to let this go on, if they are prepared to prevent black voices being heard because it simply makes them uncomfortable then they are an issue. If they are willing to allow the actions of their white ancestors to still cause such a terror to this day, to 2016, then they are an issue.
If anyone does not want to aid in the prevention of racism, however deluded they may be then so be it but to attempt to stop this movement of exposing racists and to excuse it by saying racism does not exist or black people always make everything a race issue, is absurd. It is made a race issue because it is a race issue.

In this day and age, I cannot comprehend how some can lack enough brain cells to make them actually believe that the pigmentation of ones skin has any correlation to their place as a human being. This, to me, is the main problem. Dehumanisation of people of colour by the White, allows them to be treated so brutally. They are simply seen as inferior.

The White refuse to acknowledge their privilege yet they hold onto it so dearly?

There is absolutely no excuse for this brutality however, there is an issue in that, there are certain behaviours being performed by a small minority of darker skin coloured people. Their behaviours are then, all be it wrongly, associated with skin colour and consequently applied to everyone else with similar coloured skin or similar features. Although, without meaning to defend these foolish criminal behaviours, there is always a reason as to why they occur. The percentage of black crime is statistically higher compared to white crime, in America and in the UK. If you research into this, you will find the majority of this crime is committed by the poorer and more lower class in society.
In other words, it is not Jamals skin colour that is making him commit crime, it is his lack of money and position in society and his need of survival. Just as, it is not Geoffrey Smiths’ lovely pale skin that allows him to avoid the need of crime, it is his wealth.
There are simply a lot more black people struggling to make money than white people- due to white privileges.
Of course, this is not to say only poor people commit crime and the richest are completely innocent (just take a look at corporate crime). However my point is that one of the main reasons (not the only) for black crime being statistically higher is due to a lack of money because of white privilege.
It is commendable how well the black youth are doing in terms of education and careers despite the odds against them.

What is ludicrous is it that so many young black people such a Aiyana Jones, are being murdered by a force who have taken an oath of protection, simply because they happen to fall into the category of being black. Every other statistical advantage they have such as gender (statistics say the male crime rate is higher than female), age, wealth or class is ignored but the simple fact they have slightly darker skin makes them a criminal. This little girl is black and in the eyes of the law, that makes her inferior.
So let’s just shoot her? How disgusting.
There is no way to describe this other than quite frankly inhumane.
They have taken an oath of protection yet they are that weak and gutless that the colour of a persons skin, frightens them to the extent of murder.

How is it that we are allowing human beings and our own brothers and sisters to be attacked like this and just lying in bed, scrolling through Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and witnessing this brutality, think about how sad all of this is and then moving on to the next funny post?

How are you just sat there believing this is wrong but doing nothing about it? We see time and time again, black activists fighting against this, we see other people of colour trying to tackle this, but the advantage that white privilege brings, could do wonders for this movement.

As horrible as it is, my voice and the voice of people of colour, still isn’t heard as loudly as the voice of the White. The White bring a power that has no limits and there is simply not enough white voices being raised.

How can they hear you, if you’re silent?

The first thing to understand when someone refers back to ‘white privilege’, is that they are not bashing white people. I have had plenty of conversations where as soon as this term is mentioned, my white counterpart goes into a wall of defence. What I do not understand is why?
White privilege simply refers to the advantages you hold due to your colour and accepting you hold certain privileges in society because of your colour is important because it is a production of oppression and dehumanisation of people of colour.
It is so important you accept your white privilege, wear it with pride and use it for good so eventually, we can demolish it.
If they are not scared of finding out it does exist, they are scared that it eventually may not exist.

Celebrities hold such a great influence in today’s society and can take movements like these to heights we cannot even imagine. I have watched countless amounts of celebrities of colour such as Zendaya, Beyoncé, the usual who have an enormous influence over our youth. They try to bring light to these situations but why is it that white celebrities are not standing up? Agelina Jolie is one of the only white celebrities that I am aware of, actively trying to use her power for unity in terms of race but even her link to black lives is still questionable.

Let’s take a look at the Kardashian and Jenners for example. Some of the most influential people of today. One peep into their Instagram or Twitter accounts, or even a 30 second view of their TV programmes will allow you to see how much they adore the art of black men. How much they adore the art of black women- why else would they be plumping their lips and braiding their hair to the back of their necks, injecting fat or whatever it is they do inject into their bums? Why else would they be tanning their skin as much as they possibly can, without turning into a satsuma?
The beauty of black women is to be desired and appreciated (although cultural appropriation is the wrong way to go about it). They love black culture, they love the art of the way black men and women have been created and the way their bodies curve- the beauty of their skin. They do not love the people of black culture. They only care for black men when they are bouncing up and down their dicks and only care for black women when they can steal their image or imitate their looks. They do not care when the people of their very beloved black culture, are dying.
They hold such a huge influence over today’s generation and could do so much to help prevent this idiocy but I guess it’s only the big penis’ and big buttocks, they see. They turn a blind eye to the pain of those who they are so desperately trying to be.

Other issues such as institutional racism in schools, in prisons and even in hospitals still exists. 7 months into 2016 and it still exists. People are seen with disgust due the simple colour their skin.
We see time and time again, black criminals and white criminals committing the same offences yet the white are receiving much more lenient sentences but why?
Brock Turner, a white male is subjected to 6 months in jail and a mere slap on the wrist whilst Brian Banks, a black male (eventually found not guilty however) is sentenced to 13 years for the same crime of raping an unconscious woman.
All because of the privilege that this vile excuse of a human being, Turner, holds.
He is white.

Despite the white washing of media, if you actively look for it, the information is there. There are so many, in fact, too many people suffering due to the simple fact they do not have white skin. Whether this is financially or socially or whether this is through death.

Awareness is being raised. Now we as a society, as humans really do need to do something about this. We cannot move forward without these white voices alongside ours. We cannot move forward without the white accepting their privilege. We need the power of the white to help. We need unity.

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor” – Desmond Tutu.

Yes it is #blacklivesmatter but it should be all lives who care.

Author: Nazia

The image above is simply one I found on my phone, if anyone is aware of the owner, please let me know so I can place credits where due.

4 thoughts on “Entry 2. Unite our voices

  1. Marcus Ampe says:

    As a Caucasion, even having been in love with a black girl, living in Europe where we socialise like equals with all sorts of coloured people, I still can not understand how such a country which so often calls on its amendments and where so many say they are Christian, still has so many who believe in white supremacy and so often taken incredible improper actions against people of other culture and race. What we in Europe come to see of the U.S.A. of whites their treatment of ‘people not of their own sort’ is just horrible and a blemish to mankind.

    Liked by 1 person

    • xnzic says:

      It is not only wonderful to hear the voice of Caucasians on the issues of race and these movements to end racism but also very important so thank you for your comments. I enjoyed reading these views- diversity is beauty and acceptance of each others differences is proving a solid ground for a world of peace and equality.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Marcus Ampe says:

    Reblogged this on From guestwriters and commented:
    As horrible as it is, those living in Europe see lots of things from the Land of hope and glory and of so called Freedom, the U.S.A. they cannot understand.

    Anno 2016 the discrimination of people with an other skin colour or with an other faith seems to be again hot topic.

    Unbelievable when we hear certain white Christians defend their supremacy over other people, as if they are talking about degraded animals or sort of things. Our mouths often fall open when we see how those you would think should be there to keep law and order can not control themselves and use a weapon as if it is a cloth to take dashes away. After having demobilised a person they still can not control themselves and as if they are taken by lots of fear they shoot and shoot and shoot again, even when the person seems to be without life the police officer still shoots as if it is nothing … wan we white people and coloured people in Europe see it nearly daily on our television channels.

    To our surprise how many voices from the politicians from that State want to take sites and clearly show their heart?

    But also, how many voices of white and coloured people from the Old World ware willing to speak up against that continued hate there seems to be in that land where so many are trying to build up their dreams?

    That the voice of people of colour, still isn’t heard as loudly as the voice of the White is part a fault of those who live in oppression. It are those who are taken by their own fear of being a respectful human being that is and has to stand that allows “White power” of some to dominate them. Hopefully those black people do not think all whites are the same as those neo-nazis and racists, but come to see that all human beings should unite to act against any form of discrimination.

    Therefore we too, bring out a call to all who want to hear and to all who do find they are a decent human person of the human race, that they show that they are different than wild animals and that they all show up to let their voice sound loud and clear over the whole world that all human beings should unite and put their hands and souls together to build up a peaceful world where variety is providing a colourful beautiful world to live in.

    Let us, even if may not be some one important or not living in a big state, bring out our voice and show the world that it can be different. that more bloggers come to share the message of peace and equality.

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